The Ipinium concept simplifies and improves the workflow in the professional kitchen. But what it really means is more time, space and resources that you can find better ways to use. Without the environment paying the price. And an opportunity for thousands of people to enjoy better food – not just at fine restaurants and on cruise ships – but in schools, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. And an improved quality of life, every day.

Our innovations and solutions are the result of years of collaboration between Swedish engineers and food experts. Our customers range from small rural schools to some of the largest companies in the food industry. Aided by kitchen personnel around the world, we investigate the complex problems of the professional kitchen daily. And we tailor solutions that make a real difference.

Everyone benefits from enjoying more delicious and nutritious food, a better work environment in the kitchen and an improvement in quality of life today – and tomorrow. It is the most important reason that we do what we do.

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