Grill Fry Bake

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With the Grill Fry Bake pan you get perfect browning – in the oven – in just a few minutes. This is because of the patented aluminum alloy that has a unique ability to absorb heat. The short cooking time preserves more flavor, juiciness and nutrients in every ingredient, at the same time that the high heat gives a perfect crisp and golden brown surface. One side of the pan gives classic grill stripes on meat, fish and vegetables. The other side gives fluffy breads with perfect crust and crisp Italian pizza.

The models with Fold in the name have turned up edges to capture spills. The other models are flat.


Grilling in the oven instead of on a griddle offers many advantages. You save time and avoid health-damaging smoke from frying. Ant the risk of cross-contamination is reduced when each type of food gets its own pan.


The pans are made of aluminum from recycled cans. The coating is completely free of plastic and harmful chemicals. Easy dishwashing eliminates the use of environmentally harmful granules and makes an important contribution to the environment.


Thanks to the non-stick coating only half as much time is needed in the dishwasher. When washing by hand, usually warm water, a little dish soap and an ordinary brush are all that is needed.