Tina 700 Marine

Thawing food damages the fibers of the ingredients. That is why they lose so much liquid – sometimes more than 10 percent of their original weight. Tina thawing cabinet Tina preserves the juiciness, the fresh flavor and the consistency of ingredients in a brand new way. The process is at least 90 percent faster than ordinary cold storage. At the same time you can be sure that the food is always thawed in accordance with the strict rules of the Swedish National Food Agency. And since the food is thawed vertically, Tina only occupies 1.2 sqm.

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Once thawed, it is almost impossible to tell that the food had ever been frozen. This is because the thawing is optimized based on the unique properties of each ingredient and adapted throughout the process.


With Tina you can be sure that thawing takes place in accordance with the Swedish National Food Agency’s rules. At the same time the risk of contact between different foods is minimized since each dish or ingredient gets its own sheet. And thawing different foods simultaneously is no problem at all.


In Tina thawing is 50–80 percent faster than in traditional cold storage and requires no staff monitoring. The cabinet says when thawing is complete.